First Contact with Bandits

The party proceeds forward. Just after midday, the party reaches the grounds of the ruins. It smells like a reclaimed garden. The ruins looked like it was built by a nosy brat that was trying to compensate for something. The ruins are made of stone, but they have not collapsed.

Hnng finds a bush of blue and orange flowers. It has become overgrown, but there are a few buds. Hnng takes a few buds and stores them in rags. Yish notices this, but he is too bothered by the thought that the party won’t be alive much longer than tomorrow. Hnng reveals that he does stupid things sometimes because he is afraid that if he truly tries to do something, he might fail. Clarion butts into the conversation, which causes Hnng to storm off and sit on a bench in the gardens. Clarion asks Olivie to go calm him down. Olivie is excited at the opportunity to interact with Hnng.

Olivie comes and sits next to Hnng. She takes hold of his hand and leans her head onto Hnng’s shoulder (which is very strange, since she is much taller than him). Olivie suddenly starts wheezing and falls onto the ground, struggling to breathe. Hnng panics, asks for help, and then casts cure light wounds. Olivie suddenly gets better; Hnng keeps his distance away from her.

Now that Olivie can speak, Yish asks her what her plan is now. She explains that she wants to find the notes in the laboratory and take them for later examination. But she has no idea where the laboratory would be. Yish remembers that the ruins are famous for underground tunnels and surmises that it would be somewhere down there. Marda surmises that Olivie is allergic to the pollen of the flower.

As the party approaches the building, Hnng pulls out the flower buds. This causes her to breathe more heavily. So Hnng throws the buds away.

At this point, the party has made it to the building. As Yish and Hnng open the door, there are hurried voices and a voice from above, which commands them to stop and warns them that they are surrounded. It also commands them to drop all valuables. Yish looks around and notices six figures trying to stay concealed. The voice from above then announces that the party has had the misfortune of encountering the “Nightmare Crew”. Hnng thinks that the name is lame. Hnng then asks the leader, “What’s your beef?” The voice decides to ignore the question and tells the party that they have to the count of ten to drop their valuables before they are taken by force. Hnng suggests that the people reveal themselves so that there can be a discussion. One of the men moons the party, which causes Hnng to attempt to intimidate: “we’re here on academic business!” He then attempts to shoot the one that mooned the party. The shot is off. But this causes combat to begin.

An intense wave of hatred aura pulses out from Lilith; Yish is the only one that notices at first. But soon, one of the attackers huddles into the fetal position by the door and starts to shake with fear. He then falls asleep. Another stands up, shakes his head, and seems very confused, but then gets into the action. One more gets hit by Lilith’s mace and then begins panicking, swinging his sword in front of him.

Yish casts haunted fey aspect, screams wildly, and then moves toward the man next to the door. He wakes up, sees Yish, and runs away terrified. The others are eventually dispatched (although one manages to survive three crossbow bolts and even picks up Marda’s trident—-but he does fall to Hnng’s final crossbow bolt).

At this point, Lilith’s eyes brighten up, as if she woke up from a trance. She immediately reacts by swinging her mace at the man in front of her. Hnng finishes the man by punching him with his punching dagger.

There is commotion inside, suggesting that a new wave of bandits will soon be upon the party. One of the rapiers has bright pink gems, which Yish takes. The party retreats. Olivie quickly grabs a quiver off of one of the bodies and bars the door for a few more seconds of time to run away.


kyrandita nozomu_okuda

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