Hnng Badass

A royal pain in the buttttttttt


Short and ugly, imagine a bulldog and a halfling had a baby, and that’s about how it looks.

He wears extravagant and ‘cool’ clothes because he is self conscious and needs to boost his own ego. He has long dark greasy hair that he almost always lets hang all over his shoulders. Also, he’s balding, terribly. You know the horseshoe balding pattern, yeah, like that, except all the rest of his hair is like 3 feet long. He’s a nasty den of rats if you’ve ever seen one.


33 years old


My dad was a royal tool, jerk weed who was super into the false god “Abadar”. He forced me to worship with him for years, and forced me to be an inquisitor. So now here I am, stuck in a profession I hate because I have not other skills or talents.

I don’t get along with people. At all. I’m mean, ill spirited, and generally a pain the arse.

I’m also a know it all, because I genuinely do know it all.

Have you heard of our overlord and master the great great Rngschhg? He/she is the master of us all, and if we do not bow down to his/her command, then we will all be consumed in the ooze of his/her eye sockets. She/he is within all of us, and surrounds all of us. She/he is the embodiment of bureaucracy. Her/his scales are mighty and true. Never has there been a time that she/he has been wrong.

Hnng Badass

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