Lilith von Kaiser

Female Dwarven Bones Oracle-- Chaotic Evil


Height: 4’0"
Weight: 137 lbs

Black hair and blue eyes.

Often wears thick, heavy furs.


For as long as she can remember, Lilith has been cursed.

Not with one of those curses that makes you always have a tickle on the bottom of your foot. Or the kind that means you lose big every time you gamble. Or the one like Geiser the Gilded had (bless his soul, may he rest in peace) that meant every woman you ever loved eventually turned to a life-sized limestone replica of herself. No, this curse is much, much worse.

It started when her mother realized that objects set near Lilith’s crib would always end up somewhere else the next morning. Then the footsteps came. Soft at first (creak creak across the floorboards in the middle of the night), then pattering— running— across the floors, the walls, the ceilings. Shadowy figures standing in the corner. Just standing, hunched, watching, but gone as soon as you shone a torch on them to get a better look.

Lilith’s father, Bor, often away from home, never bore the brunt of these supernatural occurrences. Instead, her mother, driven mad by the constant presence of malevolent forces breathing down her neck, hung herself in the attic. Lilith discovered her, at the age of six, swinging from the rafters, her boots making a tap, tap, tap on the wall.

This was the last straw for Bor. An incredibly devout follower of the goddess Phantasma, notorious for her hatred of all things ghostly and undead, Bor refused to face the reality that his only child was haunted. He lived his life as normally as he could. Every door slammed shut was simply a gust of wind, every time his child would wake screaming in the night was just a childish nightmare. Eventually, as Lilith reached adolescence, reality couldn’t be ignored any longer. Bor instead turned to strength of his goddess to dispel this evil.

Love for his daughter prevented Bor from killing her outright, but it didn’t stop him from locking her in the attic and surrounding the door with holy artifacts. But the spirits lingered. They tapped on the windows and screamed in her ear in the middle of the night. They sat on her feet as she slept and ran their fingers through her hair as she studied. Her tutors never seemed to see them. But she did. Wide eyes and grinning faces. Emaciated bodies and wet hair. Sometime, during her long imprisonment, Lilith learned not to fear them. They were always there. They always had been and they always would be.

It didn’t stop her from basing all her magic around protection from the undead.

As Lilith reached adulthood, Bor would occasionally allow her to go out on excursions. “Excursions” mostly meant jobs cleaning up the very rare cases of supernatural activity in the city. Lilith had been with spirits all her life, so she knew a thing or two about being an effective exorcist. Now her name is the one whispered among certain circles in the town: if you need a ghost job done quickly and quietly, who ya gonna call?

Too bad exorcism never worked on her…

Lilith von Kaiser

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