Marda Lockhelm

Female Dwarf Water/Animal Cleric Neutral


Height: 3’10" Age: 46 Weight: (none of your business)141 lbs. Left-handed
Short and stout build
Long brown hair
Wields a Trident
Worships Gozreh (GOES-ray)

Marda was raised in a remote mountain village. She has always had a love for animals (as un-dwarfish as it may be) She left home after a “traumatic” incident involving her parents and some pets. In her wanderings she eventually found a church in a coastal town that shared her appreciation for animal life. She stayed and studied under the tutelage of the clerics of Gozreh. She enjoyed her time there but eventually came to the conclusion that the followers of Gozreh focused too much on the life in the sea and air, and not enough on life on land. She left the church in order to care for the land creatures. Along her journey she was hired by “extermination company” to be an “environmental impact” specialist as a PR stunt to give their company a better image. A few months ago she was sent to the branch in L’lanon to provide non-violent alternatives to exterminating the “pests” the “company” are hired to take care of. She feels she has yet to find what will be her major “contribution” to the world.

Marda Lockhelm

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