Vallan Dallinheart


58 years old; 4’ 1”; 192 lbs.


Vallan Dallinheart is the son of peasant parents. His mother, Liftrasa, died giving birth to his youngest brother, Eberk (who is younger by 50 years—-he is still puzzled by why his parents wanted to have children at their age). Between Vallan and Eberk is another brother, Rurik, who helps their father, Traubon, with the family mushroom farm. His older sister, Muaga, lives next door and is married to Oskar Danhill, a good, solid dwarf from a good, solid family.

As a child, Vallan often helped out with the farm by squeezing into small cracks in the cavern walls to access fungal colonies that could not be reached otherwise. He was small and nimble, so he was perfect for the job.

On one such excursion, he got lost. After wondering what he should do to get back his bearings, a sudden chasm opened up in a nearby cavern from whence a Djinn and a Shaitan shot out, locked in fierce combat, which ended with the Shaitan retreating back into the chasm as it shut back together. As the Djinn assessed his situation, he took notice of young Vallan and perceived that the boy dwarf was rather distressed. At this moment, the Djinn introduced himself as Thuxra and showed no intention of harming Vallan. Thuxra then asked young Vallan why a boy dwarf had come to this region of the caverns, where few in general were to be found. Vallan trusted that the stranger would not harm him and so answered that he was collecting fungal colonies for the farm but had gotten lost. At this, Thuxra thought for a few seconds and then replied that Vallan’s birth had been foretold 34,372 years before (Vallan was 12 years old at this time). Young Vallan then asked why his birth had been foretold and by whom, which questions Thuxra avoided answering by offering landmarks he knew in the area. Vallan was eager to have his questions answered, but Thuxra insisted that he could answer only one of the questions: the circumstances of the prophecy, or the way home. Vallan, being more inclined to get home than to understand why this magical being had knowledge of him, chose directions home. Thuxra carried young Vallan to a recognized landmark and then departed back for his own world, disappearing in a puff of magical smoke.

Although Vallan continued to be curious about Thuxra’s comment and the lack of further explanation afterwards, the young dwarf decided that this ought not to bother him, since if it meant anything important, he would learn of it eventually.

As an adolescent, Vallan came in contact with firearms for the first time. As a peasant child, Vallan could hardly afford such instruments, but he often spent what little money he earned on ammunition and practiced shooting with a neighbor’s musket. The neighbor was Veit Torrun, a sellsword who earned a living as a guide in the caverns. Veit saw potential in Vallan’s marksmanship and recommended holding contests with other dwarves to show off this skill. In exchange, the money raised from these events would be split with the majority going to Veit. Agreeing to this arrangement (after all, it was Veit’s gun), Vallan quickly became known for being unusually good with guns. A merchant from the surface world, who had witnessed this skill, helped Vallan secure a job with some humans who fought off various pests. Since then, Vallan has alternated living on the surface and underground about every week.

One week when Vallan was in town, a regiment of the Dwarven army came into town to practice deployment maneuvers. One of the soldiers (Tordek Loderr) was especially rude and boastful. The innkeeper (Ulfgar Dankill) wanted nothing more than to have this soldier feel humiliation. And so the innkeeper struck a deal with Vallan: if Vallan would beat the soldier in a contest of marksmanship, then the innkeeper would give a reward of money. Vallan took the deal and soundly humiliated the soldier.

Despite living in two homes, Vallan managed to win the love of Migan Linkchain. The two have been married for two years now. Migan stays underground and mostly looks after Eberk. Vallan and Migan intend to have children when Vallan has saved up enough money to buy them a dwelling separate from the fungus farm.

In recent weeks, Vallan has been working with a new co-worker, the half-elf Yish Garj. Yish is generally sour and seems to be very discontent with life, so Vallan generally avoids the negative moods by talking most of the time they are together. In this way, Yish has little opportunity to be annoying. On the other hand, Yish is quite good at convincing potential customers to buy their service. Vallan is happy to let Yish do the negotiating while he does the killing.

Vallan Dallinheart

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