32 Clearing the Mountain Pass

Nen reports that trolls are causing problems in a neighboring kingdom. Wubbe reveals that half of his herd was once eaten by a group of trolls. Thus, he was in favor of exterminating the trolls. Marda, shocked to hear that trolls would dare to eat ponies, immediately supports Wubbe’s decision. The party begins to make plans to deal with the trolls, taking stock of alchemist’s fire available to them.

After traveling to the region, the party finds itself in a mountainous area. While walking along a ridge, the party encounters a troll. The party handles the troll fairly well, which causes the troll to call for another. However, the troll dies as its friend appears. The second troll, angered by the death of the first, charges into combat, but the party dispatches this one as well.

With the pass rid of two more trolls, the party gets paid well the following day at work, and the troll body parts are sold at market.


kyrandita nozomu_okuda

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