33 Call to Action

In the morning, the Demon Network broadcasts a special announcement to all of its customers, informing them of a new service that will be coming in two weeks. There is talk of the center of Bandu being integral to this new service.

The party visits Cory at the Cat’s Paw. They find him with the princess (hotness level 6/20), who is his daughter. The party wonders how the princess can be the daughter of the prince. Cory explains that the usurper is his uncle and that at the time of the usurpation, he could not take his daughter with him. The uncle chose to adopt her as his own child to cover up the usurpation incident. Since then, Cory and his uncle have repeatedly taken the girl back and forth.

Cory asks the party to investigate and disrupt whatever is happening in the center of town. Clarion suggests that Cory should instead take back the throne; after all, once he’s in power, it would be easier for him to take control of the situation. Cory begins to reject Clarion’s idea, citing the fact that he’d have to finish all of the challenges before the two weeks are over. At this point, Cory really likes Clarion’s idea and asks the party to support him in this endeavor. Yish is willing to comply, since missing a week of work wouldn’t be too bad for his budget. Hiss is indifferent, although he is surprised that this internship turned out to be something quite different from what he imagined it would be.


kyrandita nozomu_okuda

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