Rats in the Sewers Part 1

Sif is in the stables at Lilith’s father’s mansion, and Marda tells her to stay there. Lilith’s servants will feed her while the others go to work.

When they arrive at work, Nen informs them that in addition to the jobs they already have, the government has posted a job. The sewers are currently infested with huge nests of rats that need to be dealt with. 5 silver per tail. Marda is immediately refusing to hunt animals, but Yish manages to convince him the rats had overpopulated. Yish tells Leaf to go get Hnng and Leaf literally picks him up and takes him back, much to his disgust.

When Nen is out of earshot, Yish voices his suspicion that the government put them on this job. But still, the party begins deliberating on how to kill the rats. They decide to poison a bunch of beef jerky and litter it in the sewer.

They head to the sewer entrance and get down into the tunnel. Three of the rats start feeding on the jerky they threw and Leaf kills another with his axe. Unfortunately, he then proceeds to fumble and drop it.

Some of these rats are rabid. Yish kills a rabid rat with his crossbow, and Lilith attempts, but misses and is bit by the rat. One of the eating rats notices her presence and bites her as well.
After a battle in which the party emerges the victor, they litter the tunnel with poisonous jerky and move on. In the next tunnel, as the party begins to fight, Hnng wants to be as useless as possible and so he fires a bolt into empty darkness. He hears a squeal and sighs.

“Shit,” he says.


kyrandita Dr_Aunt_Jessica

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