The Maze

It’s Tuesday, the day previously agreed with Cory to do the second dungeon of the blue crystal. As agreed, the party goes to the Cat’s Paw; the backroom seems to have been dried up since the last mess they had made. Cory seems frustrated about the ruined documents, since he wasn’t able to extract very much information. Everyone squeezes in, even Wubbe. Hiss thinks that Wubbe smells bad.

Cory explains that the first task he had foreknowledge of from his father but that he knows nothing else about the rest of the tasks. Cory then whispers to the stone, which causes a blue portal to open, sucking everyone in. Clarion attempts to scare Hiss (since Hiss has not yet experienced this) by screaming out, but Hiss trusts Lilith’s calm composure and accepts being sucked in. When Clarion notices that Hiss is not freaking out, she stops her act, expressing some disappointment at not having duped Hiss. Wubbe (also not having experienced this before),

Everything goes dark and people feel woozy. They find themselves in a hanging cage and see three other hanging cages. Two are filled with monsters, the other had a golden statue of a human woman with flowers around her (18 hotness). As the members gain consciousness, they see a rectangular maze lit underneath them. After a moment, all of the cages fall into the maze, one for each corner. As they land, the lighting disappears in the hallways. Four torches in the corner where they land remain lit.

Hiss ties a rope to his waist, asks Lilith to hold onto the other end, and casts levitate on himself and dancing lights. He floats up to the top of the wall and peers over into the hall on the other side. The walls are 12 feet high, and the hallways are 10 feet wide. The party begins traveling through the maze. Hiss sees flickering lights in the distance. Clarion begins to tease Hiss, who retaliates by casting levitate on her and leaving her floating; Clarion counter-retaliates by casting obscuring mist. The party gets upset; Yish tells the two to stop being mean to each other. Hiss dismisses levitate on Clarion, telling her to stop being a bully, and Clarion dismisses obscuring mist with a very defiant expression on her face.

The dwarves’ dark vision proves useful in navigating the maze. Along the walls are a track that seems to hold something, but there is nothing immediately obvious nearby that fits into the track. Yish charts their course on some paper he’s brought with him. As the party enters a hallway, Wubbe and Clarion notice something disappearing into the east. Wubbe excitedly follows. Clarion begins to arm herself, to which Cory suggests that there shouldn’t be need to engage in combat. The party follow Wubbe to find a wood golem chained to the track in the wall. Marda is intent on freeing the wood golem; Clarion wants to light it on fire. The wood golem notices the party, but decides to ignore them. Yish remembers that golems are incapable of speech, since they are programmed to do one thing. Marda attempts to ask it how its day is; as Marda steps into reach space of the golem, the golem reaches out and touches Marda. She is enveloped in vines, and then the vines recede to reveal a wooden statue of Marda. Cory wants to move away from the golem.

The party leaves the Marda statue, since it is too close to the wood golem, and they manage to escape the golem. After escape, Hiss finds that on the other side of the wall is another golem. The party continues down a few more hallways. Lilith catches herself as she is about to step on a pressure plate; but Wubbe tramples along into the pressure plate. A crashing noise comes from the north, and some dust appears from that direction. Hiss knows that whatever caused that noise is farther up north.

The party attempts to move faster. They hear another crashing sound, and Hiss sees a wall fall over. The party now moves even faster. Hiss sees more walls buckling. More hasty traveling, and the party sees a golem punch through a wall; another golem seems to have sprinted forward, standing next to the other golem. The party finally rushes forward into the room with golden statue. Clarion touches the statue; a bright light flashes, and she disappears. The rest of the party follows her lead.

All of the party finds themselves dumped out into the backroom of the Cat’s Paw, through a blue portal. Even Marda is there. Yish is very happy to see Marda safe and restored. Clarion asks whether Cory is found worthy. Cory whispers to the stone, after which the stone glows brightly. Clarion asks if she is worthy to be queen; Cory whispers to the stone again and hands the stone to her. The stone glows just as brightly in Clarion’s hand.

Cory wants to meet up again tomorrow for the next challenge. Hiss expresses concern that he might have class that day, but quickly deduces that the professor probably won’t be at class and so figures that he could meet for the next challenge. Cory is appalled that Bandu-U seems to be in a bad state. Hiss, being a concerned citizen, begins to ask Cory about his political stance on various situations. Yish warns Cory to leave and takes the suggestion himself when Clarion adds animal rights to the list of platforms Cory is to explain.


kyrandita nozomu_okuda

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