Clarion Forge

Female Halfling Metal Oracle Chaotic Evil


Height: 3’0" Age: 23 Weight: 29 lbs. Right-handed
Beautiful, at least that’s what people keep telling me…
Dark brown hair that starts to curl if it gets long enough, but mostly kept up in a bun.
Always carrying all sorts of nick-knacks.
Would rather trap her before she fights them, but she wields a crossbow if her other tricks don’t work.
Worships … i think…


Clarion Forge is a beautiful, but mysterious halfling oracle. Raised outside of Ban Du, she moved here to supposedly seek better employment, finding it at a local extermination company. Clarion was hired as the company mechanic, which means she run’s left and right to fix everyone’s problems. Luckily, she can fix small objects without lifting a finger and can turn ordinary objects temporarily into iron (it’s useful for when you need a third hand). She is also gifted in building traps, another reason she decided pest control was for her.

Not much is known about Clarion Forge’s personal life, she always convinces others to change the subject when anyone tries to ask her about it. It’s happened so much that people have stopped asking. But people are pretty sure she’s led a hard life, and perhaps lost someone she loved.

Other than keeping her personal life to herself, she’s very involved with her co-workers. She’s very nice towards everyone, in fact, she’s one of the more popular people at work, but she likes to do her work in private when possible. Especially exterminations. But, between ‘actual’ work, she’ll frequently be found in other people’s offices, making small talk, swapping jokes, and pulling pranks on her office-mates.

Clarion Forge

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