Male Half-Orc Magic Inquisitor Chaotic Good


Height: 6’0" Age: 20 Weight: 255lbs Left-handed
Grayish skin
Black, pony-tail dreadlocks
Mostly just beats people up
Serves Nethys


Abandoned in a forest at a young age, Leaf became an expert in survival. As he grew older he became obsessed with a strange birthmark on his arm, constantly wondering what it meant until a wandering cleric of Nethys found him and taught him about the God if Magic whose mark look strangely like Leaf’s birthmark. Intrigued, Leaf became obsessed with learning about the God, eventually becoming one of His loyal servants. Hearing of the consumptive use of magic in L’lanon, he made his way there to search for new converts and to educate people on the ways of Nethys. But since he’s broke as he got hired by an extermination company using his super knowledgable skills of beasts and forests to take out magical pests, completing his noble mission on the side.


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