34 Flashback to Goblins

Nen has a special job for the party. Yish is slightly buzzed this morning, so he winks coyly at Nen. Nen’s job is to eliminate a Barghest stirring up trouble in a nearby goblin nest. The party sets out to kill, as Marda put it, the goblin’s president.

The party arrives at a cave. It smells like a goblin cave with carrion (like Chuck E. Cheese, Yish notes). Yish decides to cast tongues on himself and scream insults at the goblins; he wants their attention. As the party engages the goblins, Yish then sings a slightly drunk version of “Kiss from a Rose” to inspire courage in his teammates. The Barghest etherealizes, becoming invisible to all except Hiss. Yish changes his tune to “The Middle”. The Barghest is annoyed that both Hiss and Lilith can still see it. Yish then realizes that the Barghest has used the blink spell and so will likely be forced out of etherealness if a lot of mass is passed through it. Clarion summons a large metal weapon and walks into its space, swinging around. Although Clarion’s hits don’t connect, the Barghest blinks back into the Material Plane and so gets displaced from where Clarion is standing. The Barghest has a hotness of 12; apparently, it was pampered in its upbringing and so also lacks the typical damage reduction. The Barghest manages to cast charm monster on Hiss, but Clarion manages to slay the Barghest soon after.

It remains unclear whether Lilith or Clarion was actually there.

Further in the cave, the party finds two tied up female goblins. Presumably, the goblins the party has killed were trying to establish a new colony, and these two were meant to produce offspring. Yish tried to strike up a conversation with them (he knows Goblin), but they refuse to speak (although the party dispatched their captors, they aren’t friendly to non-goblins). Yish offers a business card and invites them to join VERMIN. Yish also gives them some food and water, and releases them, and asks them not to attack, and then leaves a dagger. After Yish releases them, the two scurry to the other side, putting their backs against the cave wall, and watch Yish. Yish leaves them to make their choices.

Marda later asks Yish whether he passed out PETA-MOO cards to the goblins. Yish lies to her, and Marda completely believes him. Marda happily gives Yish more cards to replace the ones he supposedly gave out.


kyrandita nozomu_okuda

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