35 Trial of Doors

That party returns to the back room of the Cat’s Paw. Cory has cleared out the room for extra space. Cory then takes the blue stone and speaks the magical phrase.

The party finds itself with Cory in a dark room, although they can see each other, as if they each were glowing. A old man appears in the room. He beckons to them as a door appears beside him. He opens the door, revealing piles of gold and treasure. He then tells them that if they give up “this path”, they can take all of the gold with them; he even promises that they can take whatever they carry with them out of the trial (unlike in previous trials). Yish believes that everyone is either stupid or liars, so he doesn’t trust the old man (Marda is surprised to hear that Yish thinks she is a liar; Yish corrects her misunderstanding).

The old man then silently closes the door to the treasure. A second door appears, and he slides it open (it’s a sliding door). The room seems to open into a vast library, filled with current and past knowledge. Hiss is tempted to enter the room, even asking if he could take a peek without penalty. The old man reminds the party that the choice is between the current offer or to continue with the trials. Hiss has always wanted to be a wizard, but he feels obligated to stick with the party so that he earns his internship credits. Hiss has further questions, which the old man answers: Hiss can access the library whenever he wants in the sense that whenever he uses the blue crystal. After the old man closes the door, the door disappears, leaving the party without Hiss.

The old man then turns as a pair of doors appears. He opens them to reveal a room filled with magical arms and armor, the finest produced by Wizards of the Coast. Marda asks if there is anything that would allow her to talk to animals in there. The old man answers no, although Yish tries to convince her that there is a billyclub of squirrel command in there. Yish’s persuasion was not high enough. Again, the old man waits for the party to make a decision before closing the doors.

The old man walks over to a curtain that has appeared. It opens into a room filled with potions and medical equipment. He promises that any one illness can be cured using this equipment. Yish convinces Marda that it could help her save animals. Marda unwittingly enters the room and happens upon a Cauldron of Resurrection. As Marda picks up the item, the old man closes the curtain, and Marda finds herself in the back room of the Cat’s Paw.

The old man then turns to a slide up garage door. He lifts it up, revealing magical items that augment abilities. Prominently displayed are a set of wings, but other items are also available. Lilith is interested in improving her hotness and general appeal, but she resists the temptation. The old man closes the door, puts on a pad lock, and the door disappears.

The old man now pulls up a cellar door, which opens to stairs going down into darkness. The old man promises that anyone who goes down the stairs will be able to start a new life. Yish asks the old man why he doesn’t go down himself, since this place seems hecka boring. The old man chuckles but gives no other response. Yish tells him that he is pleased to get a chuckle out of him. The old man shuts the cellar, muttering to himself about how everyone is content with life. Yish assures him that he is not content with life but that misery is his muse.

The old man then reaches up to a cord, pulling down a revolving door. There seems to be every worldly pleasure in there. Specifically, the room allows one to master a performance ability to entrance another. Lilith enters to improve her acting skills, causing others to believe anything she says with respect to her exorcism skills. The old man closes the revolving door, and the party is left without Lilith.

The old man turns to the remaining party, reaches into his robes, and draws out a Kris-knife hilt. He informs them that a weapon built with this hilt allows the wielder to gain all spell-like abilities of a creature the wielder kills with this knife, replacing any such effect from previous killings. The old man tries to accommodate Wubbe, but Wubbe feels unsure about using human weapons.

Finally, the old man pulls out a ring, which enables the wearer to teleport anywhere in the world with which he is familiar, with a small group of people. Wubbe would have been interested if it could teleport him to new places.

Yish tries to engage the old man in conversation by asking why the old man doesn’t choose to go into his doors. Yish tries to lead the conversation toward causing an existential crisis for the old man. The old man responds by explaining that he is a projection created for this trial and that none of Yish’s attempts would cause an existential crisis.

The old man then tells the party that they have passed the test, at which point, a lever appears, which he pulls, and the party falls through the floor, reappearing in the back room of the Cat’s Paw.

Yish asks Cory for a bowl of cereal. Cory points Yish to the barmaid and tells him that he eats cereal elsewhere. Wubbe wonders where Cory goes for cereal. Yish orders a bowl of cereal from the barmaid. She pulls out a slightly old box of Pixie-ohs; the milk is fresh, though it comes from a goat in the backyard. Yish is not certain whether he is hipster enough to drink goat’s milk, but he forces himself not to make any reaction. The barmaid gives the toy that came in the box to Yish. It is of the least favored character of a current series airing on the Angel Network. Of course, because of the unpopularity of this character, it is Yish’s favorite.


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